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Foto cortesía de Pia Riverola

The architect Javier Senosiain Aguilar has combined teaching with professional practice and research. He graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1972, since then he has taught the Design Workshop and Architecture Theory. For a time, he held the position of Academic Secretary in said Faculty.


In his professional activity he has developed projects and constructions of office buildings, residential houses, industrial plants and buildings for tourist activities. Likewise, he has dedicated a large part of his professional life to researching and experimenting with man's habitable space in its relationship with nature.


In the field of research and experimentation, he has deepened in the investigation of ferrocement for its use in both small and large structures, realization of pneumatic structures for use as temporary falsework in the elaboration of houses of sprayed polyurethane covered with fiber of glass.



Bio-architecture in search of a space . Editorial Noriega in 1996, 2004, 2017 enlarged edition.

Organic Architecture of Senosiain . Editorial AM Editores in 2008, 2017.

Organic Architecture , Javier Senosiain, Editorial Arquine, 2017.

Memories of the Exhibition at the National Museum of Architecture . Javier Senosiain. Editorial AM Editores, 2017.


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